Beclen Harp 24 x Easter Vintage Tea Party Cup Cake Wraps With Floral Toppers Decoration

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24 Pcs Cupcake Wrappers & Floral Toppers, spotty.Cup Cake Wraps, Party Wedding
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'Vintage Tea Party'
Cupcake Wraps & Toppers

Floral Toppers  

12 x Wrappers, 12 x co-ordinating toppers
3 of each of 4 colours; bright pink, light green, aqua and light blue
Each topper is approx. 1.5" or 4cm in diameter and is flower shaped with a floral picture in the centre.
Wraps are made from card with a tab on one side to tuck in to a pre-cut hole on the other side.
Wraps are coloured to match the toppers, with the addition of a white spotty repeating pattern over them.
Excellent to smarten up your cupcakes for parties and events.