Beclen Harp 20 Kids Adult Full Bright Colouring Assorted Drawing Pencils Set Art Craft School Stationery

Sale price$5.00 USD

Full Size Colour Pencils
20 Pack Brightly Coloured Pencils
Ideal For Drawing & Colouring In
Safe & Non Toxic
Perfect For Kids & Adults
Great For Work, School & At Home!
Easy To Use
Super Bright

Key Features:

1. *Vibrant Color Range:* This set includes 20 brilliantly pigmented pencils that span the entire color spectrum, allowing you to bring your artistic visions to life with a rich array of hues.

2. *Smooth Application:* Our drawing pencils are designed for smooth and consistent coloring, making it easy to achieve the desired effects in your artwork.

3. *Durable and Non-Toxic:* Crafted with quality materials, these pencils are both durable and safe for artists of all ages. They're non-toxic, ensuring peace of mind while you create.

4. *Blendable Colors:* These pencils are perfect for blending and layering colors, offering versatility in your artwork, from intricate details to bold, blended backgrounds.

5. *Ergonomic Design:* Each pencil is designed for comfortable, fatigue-free use, allowing you to focus on your creativity without discomfort.

6. *Versatile Use:* Ideal for coloring books, sketching, drawing, and various art projects, this set is suitable for artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals.