Beclen Harp 2Pcs Large Christmas Plush Santa Sack Fillers Drawstring Xmas Present Gift Bags

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2Pcs Large Christmas Plush Santa Sack Fillers With Drawstring Xmas Present Gift Bags

Special Delivery & Merry Christmas 

Includes Drawstring
Size 70 cm x 51 cm
This Large Christmas Santa Sacks is constructed from high quality durable felt material and is complete with drawstring for fastening. 
 Large Christmas Santa bag with plenty of room to be filled in with many gifts and presents.
Durable and reusable can be used year after year.
Strong drawstring top to tighten the sack up to hide the presents inside.
Ideal to complete Santa look costume too.
Each Christmas Santa sack is approx 70cm x 51cm in size.
Use this Large Christmas Santa sack to generate excitement among kids and adults on and up to the big day.
Either display it 'as it is' in the lead up to Christmas and see the excitement as it magically gets filled with presents by the Christmas morning, or bring it out as a surprise on Christmas Day.