Beclen Harp 11pc Fully Insulated Electrical Screwdriver/Multi Head Screw Tool Set With Kit Case-Perfect Electrician Companion

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Introducing our 11-Piece High-Quality Fully Insulated Screwdrivers Set – Your Ultimate Companion for Precision Work!

πŸ”§ Perfect All Rounders: Our screwdrivers are the ultimate choice for a wide range of tasks. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, handyman, or professional in the construction industry, these screwdrivers are designed to meet all your needs.

πŸ”§ Insulated Handles: Safety is paramount when working with electrical or automotive tasks. Our screwdrivers feature insulated handles, ensuring your protection against electrical shocks.

πŸ”§ Variety of Sizes: Our set includes a diverse range of screwdrivers to tackle various tasks:

Plain Slot Type:

1 x 2.5mm Slot x 75mm
1 x 3.0mm Slot x 100mm
1 x 4.0mm Slot x 100mm
1 x 5.0mm Slot x 125mm
1 x 6.0mm Slot x 150mm
1 x 8.0mm Slot x 175mm
Phillips Type:

1 x Phillips PH0 x 60mm
1 x Phillips PH0 x 75mm
1 x Phillips PH1 x 80mm
1 x Phillips PH1 x 100mm
1 x Phillips PH2 x 100mm
πŸ”§ Premium Quality:

Chrome vanadium steel construction ensures durability.
Injection-molded, soft-grip polypropylene handles provide comfort and control.
Plastic-coated shafts protect against short circuits and shocks.
Hardened chrome vanadium steel shanks with chemically-blackened magnetic tips.
Insulated shafts and ergonomic, hexagonal profile handles for precise control.
Ideal for delicate electrical and automotive tasks where wires and contact points are densely populated.
πŸ”§ Comprehensive Set: This 11-piece screwdriver set includes all the popular slotted and Phillips head drivers you'll need for your workshop, home, and garden projects.

πŸ”§ Reduce Risk: Our insulated shafts significantly reduce the risk of electrical shorting, ensuring your safety while working on electrical tasks.

Upgrade your tool collection with our 11-Piece Fully Insulated Screwdrivers Set. It's the perfect combination of quality, durability, and safety. Don't miss out on this opportunity to have the handiest tool companion for all your DIY and professional needs.

Item Included:

11 Pcs screwdriver set
Make your work easier and safer – order now and experience the difference!

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