Beclen Harp 150Kg Heavy Duty Multipurpose/Kitchen/Home Folding/Foldable Assorted Step Stool

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🌟 Unlock Convenience with the 150KG Folding Step Stool - Your Heavy-Duty Solution for Home and Beyond! 🌟

Tackle everyday tasks with ease using the 150KG Folding Step Stool. Crafted for durability and practicality, this multi-purpose stool is your reliable companion for various activities around your home.

Key Features:

🌈 Heavy-Duty Design: Each folding step stool is built to withstand up to 150 KG, providing robust support for a range of activities. Whether you're reaching high shelves, assisting in DIY projects, or accessing out-of-reach spaces, this stool has got you covered.

πŸ”’ Anti-Slip Surface for Safety: Your safety is our priority. The step stool is equipped with an anti-slip surface, ensuring a secure foothold as you go about your tasks. Say goodbye to slips and slides.

🌟 Convenient Folding Design: Need extra space? No problem! The stool features a foldable design for effortless storage. Simply fold it down and tuck it away in your home or car until the next time you need it.

πŸš€ Portable with Carrying Handle: Take the convenience on the go! The stool comes with a built-in carrying handle, making transportation a breeze. Whether you're moving it around the house or taking it on outdoor adventures, it's always ready for action.

πŸ“ Compact Dimensions: With a product size of Length 21 x Width 21 x Height 25 CM, this folding step stool strikes the perfect balance between functionality and space-saving design.

πŸ› οΈ Versatile for Various Uses: Ideal for home painters, gardeners, and anyone in need of a reliable step-up. From changing light bulbs to reaching top shelves, this stool is a versatile addition to your daily routine.

🌈 Random Color for Surprise: Unbox a burst of color! Please note that a random color will be sent, adding an element of excitement to your purchase.

Experience the ease and versatility of the 150KG Folding Step Stool. Elevate your daily tasks and make the most out of every space with this heavy-duty, foldable companion.

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Item never arrived

My item never arrived. Company never responded to me about a replacement or refund and now I’m left out of pocket. Wouldn’t waste your time buying anything from them.