Beclen Harp 2024 Week To View/WTV Vintage Floral Design Planner A5 Diary With Foil Effect and Hard Cover

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Presenting this Week-to-View Slim Diary – your quintessential companion for cultivating an orderly lifestyle. This gracefully streamlined and compact diary features a lucid, at-a-glance arrangement, providing you the means to seamlessly chart your forthcoming week. With ample space devoted to each day, you'll discover an abundance of room to hastily record appointments, tasks, and essential prompts. Its slender silhouette facilitates effortless insertion into your bag or pocket, ensuring your grip on your schedule remains resolute, whether you're in transit or stationed at your abode.

Elevate both your organizational prowess and your style quotient with the Week-to-View Slim Diary. Reserve your copy without delay and usher in a more systematic and purpose-driven mode of existence.

This impeccably designed Week-to-View diary boasts an array of defining characteristics, encompassing:

  • Calendar 2023
  • Calendar 2024
  • Calendar 2025
  • Personal Notes (Name, Address, Telephone, Mobile, Email, Business Address)
  • Emergency Contact (Name, Address, Home Telephone, Business Telephone, Mobile, Doctor/ Telephone, Known Allergies, Other Info)
  • Metric Information (Metric and Imperial Measures, Length, Surface/Area, Volume & Capacity, Weight, US Measures)
  • Conversion Tables (Centimeters, Inches, Kilograms, Pounds, Metres, Yards, Litres, Gallons, Kilometres, Miles, Hectares, Acres)
  • Clothing Sizes (American, British, European -Men-Suits, Overcoats, Shirts, Shoes- Women-Dresses and Suits, Shoes
  • Temperature (C/F)
  • Paper Sizes (mm, Inches)
  • Tyre Pressures
  • International information (Country, Capital, Air distance from London in miles, Currency, Time differences, IDD codes)
  • 2024 Holidays and Notable dates
  • Civil Calendar (United Kingdom)
  • Religious Calendars
  • Chronological Cycles and Eras
  • General information 
  • Sunrises and Sunsets 2024
  • Phases of the Moon 2024 (New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter)
  • Eclipses
  • Notes (To take)
  • Accounts (Jan to Dec)
  • Diary runs from 1st January 2024 to 5th January 2025
Embrace the perfect companion to make your year organized and unforgettable with this exceptional slim diary. The comprehensive content and year planner make it a versatile tool for staying organized, while its thoughtful design make it a perfect gift for anyone who values organization and planning.
Style: Vintage Floral Navy
Size: A5

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