Beclen Harp 24 Easynote Washable Coloured Fibre Pens Felt Tips Markers Colouring Drawing Marker Art Box Set

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24 Washable Fibre Pens

24 Assorted Colours
High Quality
Suitable For Children & Adults
Commonly Used For Art, Colouring, Drawing, School Work Etc.
1mm Tip

Key Features:

1. *Vivid Color Variety:* This set includes 24 brilliant and diverse colors, allowing artists to unleash their imagination with a wide range of hues.

2. *Washable Ink:* Our fiber pens are designed with washable ink, ensuring easy cleanup from most fabrics and surfaces, making them suitable for young artists.

3. *Durable and Long-Lasting:* These pens are built to last through numerous coloring adventures, ensuring hours of creative fun.

4. *Safe for All Ages:* Crafted with non-toxic materials, these fiber pens are safe for children and provide peace of mind for parents and educators.

5. *Fine Tip Precision:* The fine tips of these pens allow for precise coloring and drawing, making them ideal for both detailed work and broader strokes.

6. *Wide Application:* Whether it's coloring books, school projects, or DIY crafts, these pens are versatile tools for various artistic endeavors.