Beclen Harp 26Pc Fun Stampers Animal Cartoon Shape Assorted Stamps Set Kids Craft Self Ink Learning Colours

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26Pc Fun Stampers 

Self Inking Stamps - No Need For Messy Pads
Great For Arts & Crafts
26 In Each Pack

Perfect for fostering creativity, learning, and colorful fun!
Key Features:

1. *Vibrant Cartoon Designs:* This set includes a delightful collection of animal and cartoon-shaped stampers that instantly bring drawings and projects to life.

2. *Self-Inking Convenience:* Each stamper is self-inking, making them mess-free and easy to use for kids and adults alike.

3. *Educational:* These stampers are excellent tools for teaching colors, shapes, and even basic animal recognition in an engaging and playful manner.

4. *Durable and Long-Lasting:* Crafted from quality materials, these stampers are built to withstand repeated use, ensuring they remain a favorite in your creative toolkit.

5. *Safe for Kids:* The ink used in these stampers is non-toxic and safe for children, providing peace of mind for parents and educators.

6. *Versatile Fun:* Whether for art projects, scrapbooking, or crafting, these stampers add a touch of whimsy to various creative endeavors. 

Customer Reviews

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Shirley Clement
Too hard for a four year old

Thought it might be a bit hard for her but she could have help from an adult. I couldn't open the catches as they were too stiff for my arthritic hands. Hope her mum can do it at Christmas.