Beclen Harp 4 Pack Luxury Traditional Easter Money Voucher Wallet Gift Card Holder With Envelope-Assorted Design For All Age

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Elevate your Easter gifting with our 4 Pack Luxury Traditional Easter Money Wallet Gift Cards. These exquisite cards are more than just a gesture; they're a heartfelt way to share your Easter wishes and add a touch of elegance to your gifts.

Key Features:

1. Elegance in Gifting: Each card exudes a sense of traditional elegance that suits recipients of all ages. Whether young or old, these cards make your Easter gifts even more special.

2. Premium Quality: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our luxury Easter money wallet gift cards are made from high-quality materials that reflect your thoughtfulness and care.

3. Assorted Designs: The pack includes a variety of charming and Easter-themed designs, ensuring you have the perfect card for every recipient.

4. Money Wallet Format: These cards feature a convenient money wallet format, allowing you to tuck in a thoughtful gift of money or a gift card seamlessly.

5. Complete with Envelopes: Each card comes with a matching envelope, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your Easter gifts.

6. Chick Easter Money Wallet: One of the delightful designs included in the assortment is the Chick Easter Money Wallet. Unfolded, the wallet measures a generous 17.5cm by 27cm, with a folded money wallet size of 17.5cm by 9cm.

Additional Features:

Thoughtful Touch: The traditional designs, combined with premium cardstock, make these cards a thoughtful way to express your Easter wishes.

Suitable for All Ages: These cards are designed to be versatile and suitable for people of all ages, making them perfect for friends, family, and colleagues.


Pack Contents: 4 Luxury Traditional Easter Money Wallet Gift Cards with Envelopes
Assorted Designs: Easter-themed Designs for All Ages
Package Includes:

4x Luxury Traditional Easter Money Wallet Gift Cards
4x Matching Envelopes
Make your Easter gifting truly exceptional with our 4 Pack Luxury Traditional Easter Money Wallet Gift Cards with Envelopes. Share your Easter wishes in style and add an element of elegance to your gifts. Order now and let your gestures of kindness shine brightly during the Easter season!

(Please note: Actual designs may slightly vary from images shown.)
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