Beclen Harp Childrens 22ml Glass Paints set - 5 Different Shaped Brush Set Creative Art Set

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4x Glass Paint Set Painting Kit Black Outliner Transparent Opaque Stained Paints

Fun and colourful creative Glass paints

Use your glass paints to create your own designs on bottles, glasses and glass panels...
Vibrant, fast drying, washable, raised glass paint
Colours in pack: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black
Black paint used as outliner
5 Different Shaped Brush set 
Each pot contains 22ml of paint
Glassware not included
Package contains As Per Your Choise (Please Select)
5 Brush Set OR
4 Glass Paints OR
2 in 1: 4 Colour Paints + 5 Brush Set
Select: 5 Paint Brush Set Only