Beclen Harp 8 Ballpoint Pens Blue Black Red Ink Smooth Writing Grip Retractable Pen Biros Home School Office Writing

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8 Ballpoint Pens

Retractable Rubber Grip, Ballpoint Pens
8 Pack Pens
Assorted Colours Pack
Medium Tip
Ideal For Home, School & Office
No Slip

Key Features:

1. *Versatile Ink Options:* This set includes three essential ink colors - black for bold statements, blue for everyday writing, and red for highlighting or correcting text.

2. *Smooth Writing:* Our ballpoint pens offer a smooth and consistent ink flow, ensuring effortless writing and a clean finish.

3. *Comfortable Grip:* Designed with a comfortable and ergonomic grip, these pens reduce writing fatigue, making them ideal for extended writing sessions.

4. *Reliable Performance:* These pens are built for reliability and longevity, so you can trust them for all your writing needs.

5. *Practical Set:* Whether you're taking notes, jotting down ideas, or handling paperwork, this set provides the essential ink colors you need for various tasks.

6. *Sleek Design:* The sleek and professional design of these pens makes them suitable for both office and personal use.