Beclen Harp Spiral Art Rainbow Stencil Spirograph Shape & Pattern Kids Drawing Art Craft Set

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Pavement Rainbow Stencil Art Kit Childrens Spiral Pattern Drawing Toy Craft Set
Great Fun for Kids

Create sensational stencil art with the Grafix Spiral Art Maker.

The art set comes with three different activities and all of the equipment kids need to get creative.

Place the pattern stencils, spiral gears and puzzle stencils onto the spiral machine to create colourful patterns and hidden pictures.

Use the pattern stencils to create rotating patterns, use the spiral gears to create spiral art patterns, and turn the dial to reveal the mystery pictures on the stencil cards.

  • Comes with everything kids need to create colourful stencil art.

  • Use the spiral machine and stencils to create rotating patterns.
  • Use the machine and spiral gears to create amazing spiral art.
  • Use the machine and puzzle stencils to create mystery pictures.


  • 5 x Jumbo Chalks
  • 4 x spiral Frame Pieces
  • 1 x pattern stencil Sheet
  • 1 x spiral Wheel
  • 2 x Plastic Chalk Holders
  • 1 x Instruction sheet
  • For ages 6 years and over